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Hello there! If you are an avid golf fan then you would be aware that Ireland is one of the best destinations for golf in the world. Golf, in its modern form, has evolved from a game played in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland in the fifteenth century. With the royal endorsement by King Charles I, the game quickly made its way to the other parts of Europe. Thus, golf quickly spread from Scotland to the Ireland.

Even though, historians point to the origin of this club and ball sport in Scotland; it is not wrong to state that Ireland has played an important role in the evolution of golf and golf vacations. The fascination of playing golf in Ireland stems from the fact that many of its historic golf courses are still around. These date back to the mid 1800s! This vivid history makes Ireland the perfect destination to have an indulgent golf vacation in Ireland.

For playing golf in Ireland, you have at your perusal some of the top golf courses like the Royal County Down, Ballybunion, Royal Portrush, Lahinch, Portmarnock, the European Club, Old Head, Enniscrone, and more. That’s not all, Ireland is also home to some gorgeous golf villages which are always bustling with activity. Another factor that makes Ireland the preferred Golf destination are its pubs and the delectable Irish food. You can always unwind after a long day of golf at traditional pubs, with live Irish music soothing your ears. While traditional delicacies are a must try, one should also opt for the Chef specials at the best hotels and resorts.

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