10 Surprising Facts About Golf

If there is any sport that easily splits people’s opinion, that sport has to be golf. While you may find people, who are quite excited about the sport, you could very well find people who may find the sport to be rather boring. Regardless of these, one thing that is very much certain about golf is the fact that it is a game of statistics and some of these statistics can be quite surprising. Here are a few surprising facts about golf you may not be aware of.

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One In Sixty-Seven Million

It would interest you to know that the probability of attaining consecutive holes-in-one is about one in sixty-seven million. This may come as a shocker to even the golf enthusiasts. However, the pre-existing belief is that John Hudson who was well known back in the 70s is the lone golfer known to have attained such a feat. The record he created in that regard at the Martini Tournament in Norwich has still not been equaled. It is on record that both the 12th and the 11th hole were about 311 yards and 195 yards. It, therefore, suffices to say that no matter how hard one practices, the odds would always seem not to favor in this regard.

The Dimples

It is important to note that the divots atop a conventional golf ball are called dimples. Speaking, as a matter of fact, rules indicate that there has to be a total of about 336 dimples on the top of a professional golf ball. This is certainly more than what an average teenager has.

Highest Golf Course

It is on record that the highest of all the golf courses in the world is situated at the Tactu Golf Club in Peru, Morococha to be precise. At its ebb elevation point, the course is estimated to be about 14,335 feet above sea level. However, the bad news is that the course has not been used since the middle of the 90s and this may not be unconnected to the growth of weeds on the course.

The Longest Golf Putt

It is a matter of fact that the longest golf put that was ever attained was recorded at about 375 feet. This may seem quite impossible considering the power that needs to be generated to affect such in a single swing. However, this was achieved by Fergus Muir back in 2001 at the age of 66.

The 100 Million Dollar Man

Aside recently receiving the highest American civilian honor from president Donald Trump, it is on record that Tiger Woods who is perhaps the biggest name as far as golf is concerned has raked in about $100 million in prize money till this very moment. This puts him at the top as the richest golfer on the planet with an estimated net worth of around $700 million.

Longest Ever Hole In One

The longest ever hole in one that was ever recorded goes to Lou Kretlow who was able to achieve this hole-in-one while at a 427-yard course back in 1961. Originally a baseball player who recorded reasonable levels of success, Kretlow only took up golfing professionally after retiring from baseball.

When Golf Visited The Moon

Golf is still one of the two sports known to have ever been played on the moon. Back in 1967, Alan Bartlett made a swing at a golf club which sent the ball gliding into the atmosphere with low gravity. The only other person is Javelin.

Longest Drive On A Golf Course

The record for the longest drive on an ordinary golf course is still held by Michael Austin. The Man from California was quite renowned for his long drives. However, no one ever imagined him attaining such an achievement. The feet he attained at the Winterwood Golf course still stand in the Guinness book of world records. He is at the moment 95 years old.

The Ship Farm And The Golf Course

It is on record that a standard golf course has about 18 holes, however, the first ever 18-hole golf course was cited on a sheep farm somewhere in Illinois. It is, however, still operational today even though it just has 9 holes.

The Largest Bunker In The World

The biggest bunker in the whole world is located at the Pine Valley course, New Jersey. Known with the name Hell’s Acre, it is located on the 585-yard 7th hole of the golf course. In addition to this, the course is quite popular for its other rather challenging holes such as the “Devils Asshole.

The Amazing Golfing Records Of Tiger Woods

In golfing circles, Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best players in the world. Born in California in 1975, for years, he thrilled crowds from every part of the globe with his golfing antics. He created what famously became as the “Tiger Effect” because of his unmatched prowess in golfing and joined the list of a few other great golfers.  Every golf tour he took raised up the TV ratings to astounding highs. Below are the amazing golfing records of Tiger Woods

Early Years

Woods, who started golfing at an early age by imitating his father, took his first swing at golf at only 6 months while still in his crib. He proceeded to appear on the Mike Douglas show at only 2 years. While there, he had a chance to putt with Bob hope. Tiger Woods made his first shot at nine holes by shooting 48 at the age of 3 years. Golf Digest featured a young wood at the age of 5 years.

At the age of 8 years, Tiger Woods won the Optimisty International Junior Tournament. He went ahead to win the same tournament for an unprecedented record six times.

At the age of only 15 years, Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to win the U.S Junior Amateur. He won the same title at the age of 18 years making him still the youngest player ever to win the title twice.

He then proceeded to Stanford University where he played active golf for another two years.

In 1996, tiger woods turned pro hitting both history books and becoming one of the most talked about sports persons.

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Records By Tiger Woods As A Pro

In 1997, at the age of 21 years, Tiger Woods broke another record by becoming the youngest golfer to win the Masters Champion. He went ahead to win the same Masters Champion in 2001, 2002 and 2005.

Tiger Woods held the record for most PGA tour wins at the ages of 20 to 29 years with 34 followed closely by Jack Nicklaus with 30. He won the PGA Championships in 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2007. In the year 2012, after a few a scandal on his personal life, Tiger bounced back to win the PGA tour of the Arnold Palmer invitation

He took the British Open in the years 2000, 2005 and 2006

For the U.S Open, Tiger took the wins in 2000, 2002 and 2008.

In the year 2013, Tiger won the Bridgestone Invitation for a record eight times. He was only three shots from Sam Snead who held the record.

Tiger Woods today holds the second position in golfing tournaments with a record 14 majors. He comes a close second to jack Nicklaus who holds 18 majors. The last Major Tiger Woods won was on June 16 2008.

Wrapping It Up

In August 2018, Tiger Woods will again head back to active golfing after a few years battling scandals and injuries. This is after finishing among the top 12 in previous tournaments. With all the accolades to his name, there is a chance that Masters 2018 might be Tiger Woods time to get back and dominate the golfing world as he did for many years.

8 Tips To Keep In Mind If You Are Thinking About Taking Up Golf

Golf is a sport fun for all ages and both genders. However, if you are thinking about trying out the sport for the first time, it can seem difficult and even daunting. Golf players pay attention to the clothes, etiquette, equipment and many more things. Still, there is no reason to be intimidated if you follow our simple tips for first-timers.

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  • Check the basic rules beforehand

By being aware of at least the most basic rules and guidelines, you will be more at ease once the game starts. There are many useful sites online that explain the basics of golf.

  • Make sure you have the right equipment

The equipment use and selection are guided by many rules as well, so it would be useful to look them up too. For example, there is a maximum limit of 14 clubs per player, but there is no minimum. Still, if you only take a few clubs, you might be forced to borrow clubs from other players, and this is seen as poor etiquette.

  • Dress appropriately

Before going to the golf course, check whether they have a dress code in place. Since most of them do, it would be wise to find out the exact guidelines. In most cases, a collared shirt and light-colored pants will do the trick. Some courses also require golf shoes, but gloves are optional.

  • Learn about your city’s courses

If you are just starting out as a golfer, you might want to look for a public course. They are free to use and sometimes they have courses and programs for new golfers. If you do find such a program, consider signing up because it could offer some invaluable pointers for beginners!

  • Have a practice game

Before you actually start playing with other people, it could be useful to go to a public course with a friend or by yourself and just practice hitting the ball. This will give you a chance to get acquainted with the clubs and how to hold them properly. Still, if the ball doesn’t’ go in the desired direction right away, do not despair! It may take a few more times to master holding the clubs.

  • Consider professional lessons

By taking just a few lessons with a professional at the very start, you can up your golf game right from the beginning. Here, you can just focus on the technical stuff, such as the clubs’ names and use, the rules and etiquette. Then, when you go to the course to play your first game, you can practically apply everything you have learned.

  • Do not go slow

Slow players can pose an issue on a golf course, especially if it is a busy day. So, try to keep up the speed and try not to hold back the other players. Pay attention to the game and know when it is your turn so that you can be ready when it comes. Most players will be considerate since it is your first time, but still, try to be considerate in return.

  • Never touch the ball

Even people who have never played golf surely know that this is the one fundamental rule in golf. You are allowed to touch the ball only when you set it on the tee and when you remove it from the hole. Otherwise, you must hit it as you find it. There are some exceptions to this rule, and you can always refer to the rulebook if you are not sure what to do. Still, one exception is always valid, and that is that you are allowed to touch the ball when it is on the green. You can pick up the ball to clean it when t is here and then return it to the exact position where you found it.


With these simple and basic tips, you can go on to have your very first game of golf. Still, there is only so much we can learn online, so the most important tip is – try it for yourself! And, since golf is referred to as “the game of a lifetime”, you will surely go back to the course for years to come.

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Popular Golf Fields in Ireland

Golf is the modern century game, and a lot of debate regarding its origin has been made, and the majority settled down by claiming it a game founded in the 15th century in Scotland. While other games flourished in a very little time right from the moment they came into existence, Golf took a little time to get flourished and finally got recognition in the 18th century. It was the time when the golf courses in the different part of the world were being made and some of the best rest in the land of Ireland.

Today, we are taking thetime to explore a few best and popular golf fields in Ireland as Ireland has been considered as an ideal destination for the golf lovers.

Royal County Down

Royal Count Down is one the most popular golf fields in Ireland and is situated at the bottom of the Mountains of the Mourne in Newcastle. The golf has been the first love for many renowned golf players like Tom Watson and Tiger Woods, and they have preferred the golf field for their trading prior they participated in the Open Championships. The Northern Ireland’s top golf player, Rory McIlroy has considered this field as his perfect place to practice his rounds. The field has also hosted “The Irish Open” in the year2015.


Being a home for hosting many championships like “The Irish Open,” “The Walker Cup,” and “The Canada Cup,” the Portmarnock is located outside the fair city of Dublin. The field is famous for providing the varieties of driving range facilities, chipping green and putting area, short game area and much more. These all together makes this field matching the standard of championships.


Known best for providing a diverse range of practicing facilities, Waterville is located in the south of the Ireland. It also presents a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the hills surrounding the field. There are wedge halls that surround the practice facilities, and wind blowing makes the players along with their game.


Being listed in the list of the top 10 ocean courses, Tralee golf course gives every reason to make it on the list. Every hole located in the field has anamazing view and interesting story associated with it. A famous designer Arnold Palmer once said in honor of the course that “I designed the first nine, but surely God designed the back nine.”

County Louth

Often called as “Baltray,” County Louth is known for hosting many National and International level events for bot professionals and amateurs. The scenic view of the field boosts the player to perform well and this also led the field make it in the “Golf World” magazine and it was quoted that “one of the best-kept secrets of Irish golf.”

These are the 5 popular and best golf fields in the Ireland, and there are many, more than dozens that rest here in the beauty of the country.

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Best Tips for Playing Golf and Mastering The Art

Golf is always addressed as the game made for elite people, but this is not the truth. Sport,despite the factthe class of people, founded it, belongs to all and if you are thinking to start your career by playing golf, then the time is here.

Golf was initially played by people to stay entertained, but today, it has been established as a full-fledged sport, and many are making their career out of it. Players are thankful for many types of tournaments on anational and international level that are helping to become more profound in the sport. If you are taking your dream of becoming a golf player seriously, then you must master the art of playing.

We are helping you to become an expert by sharing those few best tips that would help you become a professional player.

Practice the full swing

Golf is the sport of swing and when trying to make one, don’t be dull. No matter if you are a fresher or an expert, being focusedwhile making a swing is what you need. Practice is what you need to get hold of your swing, and that is needed for making each shot. Swing also helps you stay focused while you are taking aim.

Alignment is the key to right aim

While you are taking the aim, not only your focus or mind should be in the proper place, but the physical alignment is of the utmost importance. Your feet is not the only part that needs to be aligned, but your hips, knees, shoulders, and club face, everything should be aligned in a proper way and should be aligned in the exact position helping you to take the right aim.

Make a strong stance

Stance is a strong part of the in the overall playing of golf. Make a stance that is the strong, wide, balanced, and, of course, stable. Try to build the golf swing from the ground.

Work on the right posture

Not just for golf, but the right posture works for all sport and crucial as well. So, work on the right posture and tilt your hip and not the waist.

Get hold on the grip

You should master your hold over the grip. Even if you are not playing, be sure about your posture and never let go the hold of it.

Practice with the younger players

Practice makes the man perfect! Not always try to practice with the equal level of players and sometimes give a chance to the younger ones. When you are practicing with them, you will be guiding them as well, and it will help you become more efficient.

There are many things that one needs to keep in the view while practicing and playing gold, but if you are keen to master the art of playing this sport, in particular, you should follow the tips given above, and it surely will help you becoming an expert and mastering it.

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