8 Tips To Keep In Mind If You Are Thinking About Taking Up Golf

Golf is a sport fun for all ages and both genders. However, if you are thinking about trying out the sport for the first time, it can seem difficult and even daunting. Golf players pay attention to the clothes, etiquette, equipment and many more things. Still, there is no reason to be intimidated if you follow our simple tips for first-timers.

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  • Check the basic rules beforehand

By being aware of at least the most basic rules and guidelines, you will be more at ease once the game starts. There are many useful sites online that explain the basics of golf.

  • Make sure you have the right equipment

The equipment use and selection are guided by many rules as well, so it would be useful to look them up too. For example, there is a maximum limit of 14 clubs per player, but there is no minimum. Still, if you only take a few clubs, you might be forced to borrow clubs from other players, and this is seen as poor etiquette.

  • Dress appropriately

Before going to the golf course, check whether they have a dress code in place. Since most of them do, it would be wise to find out the exact guidelines. In most cases, a collared shirt and light-colored pants will do the trick. Some courses also require golf shoes, but gloves are optional.

  • Learn about your city’s courses

If you are just starting out as a golfer, you might want to look for a public course. They are free to use and sometimes they have courses and programs for new golfers. If you do find such a program, consider signing up because it could offer some invaluable pointers for beginners!

  • Have a practice game

Before you actually start playing with other people, it could be useful to go to a public course with a friend or by yourself and just practice hitting the ball. This will give you a chance to get acquainted with the clubs and how to hold them properly. Still, if the ball doesn’t’ go in the desired direction right away, do not despair! It may take a few more times to master holding the clubs.

  • Consider professional lessons

By taking just a few lessons with a professional at the very start, you can up your golf game right from the beginning. Here, you can just focus on the technical stuff, such as the clubs’ names and use, the rules and etiquette. Then, when you go to the course to play your first game, you can practically apply everything you have learned.

  • Do not go slow

Slow players can pose an issue on a golf course, especially if it is a busy day. So, try to keep up the speed and try not to hold back the other players. Pay attention to the game and know when it is your turn so that you can be ready when it comes. Most players will be considerate since it is your first time, but still, try to be considerate in return.

  • Never touch the ball

Even people who have never played golf surely know that this is the one fundamental rule in golf. You are allowed to touch the ball only when you set it on the tee and when you remove it from the hole. Otherwise, you must hit it as you find it. There are some exceptions to this rule, and you can always refer to the rulebook if you are not sure what to do. Still, one exception is always valid, and that is that you are allowed to touch the ball when it is on the green. You can pick up the ball to clean it when t is here and then return it to the exact position where you found it.


With these simple and basic tips, you can go on to have your very first game of golf. Still, there is only so much we can learn online, so the most important tip is – try it for yourself! And, since golf is referred to as “the game of a lifetime”, you will surely go back to the course for years to come.

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