Top 10 tips for first-time golfers traveling to Ireland

Going on a golf trip to a foreign country can be an amazing experience, but it is the planning part that needs the most preparation. While things like airport baggage and the weather can be out of your control, you need to ensure that you take care of all the other factors.

To ease the planning process for you, we have made a list of 10 tips that will prove to be extremely helpful for you!

  1. Plan your itinerary properly

Ireland may look like a small country, but you need to make sure that you stay away from the winding roads that make getting to your destination a difficult task. You must ensure to keep some extra time so that if you take a wrong turn, you won’t be wasting time finding the right way.

  1. Pick the airport

Is Dublin your choice or would you rather land at Shannon? This choice should be made based on your itinerary. While landing in Dublin will help you play around the city, Shannon, on the other hand, will allow you to start on southwest or northern loop.

  1. Pack for the weather

The freezing temperatures should be kept at bay with layers and layers of clothing. You must not miss to pack a versatile rain suit and gloves for the rainy time.

  1. Always have a backup

This trick works best so you don’t run out of things. For example, make sure to keep two pairs of golf shoes and balls. Also, make sure to carry a double copy of your passport.

  1. Exchange the money beforehand

It would be appropriate to exchange currency at your home country to avoid extra costs. While Northern Ireland uses the pound, the Republic of Ireland has the Euro as its official currency.

  1. Save costs by hiring a car

While it always helps to rent a car for self drive, you can always save money by hiring a car with driver. More the number of people, the less you pay!

  1. Banish the jet lag

By the time you land in Ireland, your body would be suffering from a jet lag. Power through the lag and beat it by playing a round of golf.

  1. Don’t play every day

With a trip that lasts a week long to 10 days, it may be helpful to keep some time for your rejuvenation between golf. Do check out the sights of Ireland; on alternate days if you wish!

  1. Carry your handicap certificate

While it is not likely that a golf club would request for your handicap certificate, you can still carry it- just in case you may need it.

  1. Caddie for the help

Ireland has amazing people. You can hire a caddie to enjoy the course through long and indulgent conversations.

With those tips, your golf tour in Ireland would be a breezy one! Keep reading for more information on playing Golf in Ireland.

10 great reasons for a golf vacation to Ireland

Often eclipsed by the ‘Home of Golf’(that is Scotland), Ireland has gradually made its name as one of the best golf travel destinations in the world. Short distances to get around some of the big name courses is one of the primary factors that give Ireland its fame. That’s not all, Ireland is also popular for its easily accessible golf villages.

If you haven’t already considered a golf tour to Ireland as a possibility, then here we are to give you ten reasons to make your way to this golf destination!

  1. Top-of-the-line Golf clubs

Home to some phenomenal layouts that include the Ballybunion, Royal Portrush, Royal County Down, and more, Ireland gives you the chance to peruse any of the top golf clubs that dot its landscape.

  1. Designs by the best golf course designers

The golf courses have been designed by noted architects. The names include Robert Tent, Harry Colt, Greg Norman, Jones Sr. and more.

  1. Less travel time between courses

You won’t have to endure long distance travelling when in Ireland. Most of the courses are located in proximity to each other. Take for example the Lahinch, which is just a 45 min drive away from the Shannon Airport. While Ballybunion is only 2 and a half hours to the Old Head.

  1. Sprawling Golf Villages

The best way to embrace golf and show your love for this ball sport is by paying a visit to the villages which are brimming with activity at the various restaurants and shops. These include the Portrush, Donegal and the Bushmills.

  1. Pubs with fantastic music

After a tiring day of golf, you can easily relax by the bar at some of the famous pubs that play foot-tapping Irish numbers. The city of Sligo is famous for its talented musicians.

  1. Delicious grub fare

When on a golf tour, don’t forget to relish the food-fare prepared by the best chefs in Dublin. Gorge on traditional delicacies like soda bread, Colcannon. For Chef-specials, don’t forget to miss the Atlantic salmon.

  1. Spectacular castles

With more than 300 castles spread across the length of Ireland’s countryside, you can always have your dose of history when in Ireland.

  1. Panoramic views of Cliffs of Moher

When not golfing, you can always head over to the Cliffs of Moher. Located in Country Clare, they rise up to more than 390 feet off the ground.

  1. Irish towns

Treasure troves of history, the towns in Ireland are like magnets for the history buffs out there. What can be more interesting than soaking in some history on days when you aren’t playing golf?

  1. Resorts and hotels

With first class amenities, resorts like the Slieve Donard and hotels like the Trump International Golf Links are a major reason why you should plan a luxury golf tour to this beautiful country!


Golf in Northern Ireland: Five courses you must play

With its splendid courses and magnificent greenery, Northern Ireland is what golfing dreams are made of! The popularity of this region has witnessed a rise with the fame of the natives- McDowell and Mcilroy.

If you have been wanting to go on a golf trip to Northern Ireland, then you have arrived at just the right destination. In this article we list the top 5 golf courses that should feature on your bucket list.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Royal Portrush Dunluce

The home club of Graeme McDowell, this golf course will astonish you with its expansive greens, never-ending oceans and rolling fairways. Visitors are always welcome to come and play this awesome course. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that the Open Championship 2019 will be held here! For another round, you can always go to the Valley Links course.

  1. Ballyliffin Glashedy

Neighboring the Old Course, the Ballyliffin Glashedy is built on a magnificent landscape and features colossal dunes. The holes run along the ocean, giving you the chance to capture in the spectacular vistas as you toughen to finish your rounds. When at Ballyfillin Glashedy, don’t miss out on the chance to play the Old Course, which serves up a rolling terrain.

  1. Royal County Down

Playing at this famed golf course will remind you why you fell in love with golf at the first place. Located behind great and grassy dunes, it has the perfect design to elicit the focus and creativity out of a player.

  1. Portstewart Strand Course

Referred to as the ‘jewel in Portsetwart’s crown’, this phenomenal golf course is home to large dunes and sprawling greens. It is a thorough test of Golf as it is dominated by menacing rough terrain. For an afternoon round, you can always head over to the equally impressive Old Course!

  1. Ardglass

The Ardglass golf course is famed for its old-world charm. Being one of the oldest clubs in the world, the Ardglass has something unique to offer to its visitors. Your opening tee ball will need a short shot over the rough rocks strewn across the ocean. At the back, you will find the clubhouse that is akin to a castle and boasts of cannons on the front.

Your overall experience at the Ardglass will be one that you will  cherish forever. The dominant historical ambience gives the golf course a gorgeous appeal. When in Northern Ireland, it should definitely be on your itinerary!

From the impeccable Royal County Down to the magnificent Ballyliffin Glashedy, Northern Ireland is home to some of the best golf courses in the world! Make sure to put all the above-mentioned in your bucket list for the next time you go on a trip to this region.

The 8 Best Courses in Ireland

While the birthplace of Golf happens to be Scotland, this sport has a historic connection with Ireland. The best part about Golf in Ireland is that some of its courses that date back to mid 1800’s are still around today! With a Golf tour in Ireland, you will not only be able to enjoy a tryst with golfing history, you will also be able to indulge in the sights and sounds of this beautiful country.

Let’s take a peek through some of the best Golf Courses in Ireland!

  1. Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

This club is one of the most exclusive of its kinds in Northern Ireland. Its patrons are some of the most influential people- lawyers, judges, industrialists and doctors from majorly the Belfast region. While there is no waiting list for the club, you have to be aware that the membership can only be availed through invitation!

  1. Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

Situated on the Shannon delta, this semi-private Golf club is considered to be one of the best on the globe! It is regularly featured on the fames Golf Magazine’s Top 100 list.

  1. Royal Portrush, Country Antrim, Northern Island

This semi-private Golf club is famed for having hosted the only Open Golf Championship to have ever been held in the country in the year 1951. The historical course held its first-ever tournament in the year 1895.

  1. Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland

What was established by Old Tom Morris in 1894, this golf course was given shape by the master mind of designer Martin Hawtree. By adding bunkers, shaping the fairways and infusing more slope and greens to Lahinch, Martin was able to create a masterpiece! In fact, Phil Mickelson has famously called the Lahinch as one of his favorite links courses.

  1. Portmarnock, Ireland

Situated 12 miles away from the capital city of Dublin- the Portmarnock strategically sprawls across the Howth peninsula. This golf course has hosted more than a dozen Irish Opens!

  1. European Club, Wicklow, Ireland

Situated an hour away from Dublin, the European Club is set amidst the colossal sand dunes along the Irish Sea. It boasts of lean fairways, blind shots as well as a collection of excellent par 4s.

  1. Old Head, Kinsale, Ireland

A visit to the Old Head shall be a pleasant one. Enter in and you will be greeted with a tee time. You will have no problem locating the locker room as someone will always be there to assist you. This special course has expansive vistas to drown yourself in.

  1. Enniscrone, County Sligo, Ireland

Dating back to the year 1918, the original was consequently extended to 18 holes. The golf course underwent another transformation in 2001, when Donald Steel crated myriad of stunning holes amid the dunes which rise to more than 80 feet above the fairways.

When in Ireland, don’t forget to miss on the above Golf courses. They are every golf-fanatic’s dream come true!

Some Historic Facts Of Golf In Ireland

Scotland might acknowledge as the birthplace of the golf, but Ireland also has the long and clear connection with the sport. The beautiful land dating the game since the mid-1800s. This is enough to describe the bond of the Irish with this fascinating game. Another evidence of their association with the game is the availability of the oldest golf courses. All these historic golf links are constantly given an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the game with the historical magnificence.

The land of golfers or golfers paradise is also known as the ‘Emerald Isle’. It is because, the golf courses of the Ireland are not just open, green and big, but also give picture-perfect views to capture. There are many factors available that havebeen playing an important role in the history of the golf in Ireland. Just take a look at those factors.

Beautiful Royal Curragh: It was opened in 1856. That means it is the oldest golf club in the country. Ireland is mainly recognized for the Royal Curragh. This stunning golf club is situated in the County Kildare. It is still an active club and preferred by the visitors.

The Oldest Union of golfing: Ireland is home to the world’s oldest golfing union, which is known as the Golfing Union of Ireland. It was established in the 1891 andan active union as well of present time. The oldest golfing union runs various tournaments, courses, junior level golf programs and much more throughout the year in Ireland. The ‘Irish Ladies Golf Union’ was shaped in 1893, making it the oldest golf union of ladies in the world.

Prime Minister A.J. Balfour: He was not just a politician, but also an enthusiastic golf player. He promoted the game on a large scale. He spoke and encouragedthegame in the entire country.

Royal Belfast: This fabulous and high-class golf course was considered as the first golf club in Ireland. It was established in 1891. It is an active club too, which is situated near the beautiful blue ocean. You can also take a picture of the artifacts and medals from the early days those are displayed on the golf course.

Royal Portrush: There is an interesting historical fact associated with this golf club. The Open Championship or British Open was played for the very first and only time in this beautiful club. The gorgeous Royal Portrush constantly ranks among the ‘World’s best golf courses’ with attractive landscapes and unparalleled beauty all around.

Tourism: Golf has contributed significantly in the tourism sector of the country. The majestic country is the first choice among the golf-lovers to enjoy on the surface of the natural fescue grass. The golfing area surrounded by the eye-pleasing views that make the country a favorite destination for the people who adore this game.

Well, that was the major factors of the golfing history in the beautiful Ireland. You can also plan a trip dedicated to golfing and different golf clubs. Visiting Ireland to create some beautiful memories through this historic game.

7 Interesting Facts About Golf In Ireland

Ireland is admired for the beautiful and open green golf yards. With more than 400 beautiful golf links in the Ireland, the place has around 30% golf courses of the world’s golf links. From scenic parkland to rocky coastal links, there is a golf course that suits every level of the skills from novice to a professional player. As far as the budget is concerned, a huge variety is available here. The eyes of the golfers from all around the world, focus on this gorgeous place. With such versatility, Ireland is known as the golfer’s paradise.

The fabulous golf destination has so many interesting facts that you must know about. Here are some highlights of the facts.

  1. The beautiful destination holds more than 400 golf links to the pretty land of Ireland. The number also includes more than 30% of the seaside golf links in the world. All these links offer an incredible golfing experience, mainly to those unknown with actual or natural golf links. Natural golf links are lumpy and rough with solid patches of gorse and fescue.
  1. In 2004, International Association of Golf Tour Operators or IAGTO named Ireland as the International Golf Destination of the year.
  1. The beautiful Ireland also has the record of the maximum attendance during the golf European tour. In 2012, Royal Portrush Golf Club had recorded 112,000 within 4 days during the Irish Open.
  1. Bill Murray, a famous American actor shared his experience of playing golf in the beautiful Ireland and described by saying following words, ‘Ireland is my first choice to play golf. It is a gorgeous place to enjoy golf in. When you visit as a traveler or guest in Ireland to play golf, you will be treated like a king’.
  1. Golfing Union of the Ireland is considered as the oldest union of golfing in all around the world. The union was founded in 1891.
  1. Usually, each course is beautifully designed, but the ‘Tralee Golf Club’ was listed in the ‘Top 10 Ocean Courses’. Every hole of this club is just flawless and scenic. One more thing, every hole has an interesting story behind. The entire club was designed by the well-known golf player Arnold Palmer.
  1. During the trip, you will not just enjoy the most popular game golf here, but also feel the pleasure of their warm welcome rituals and soothing music session in the rural pubs. An amazing range of traditional pubs is available in the neighboring villages to turn your golfing experience the ultimate fun.

Ireland is continuously named as the top golfing destination in the world. Whether you are planning your simple trip or have plans to explore the picturesque golf links, you will feel extremely satisfied after the trip. The majestic charm of the country with capture your heart. You will feel fascinated by the eye-pleasing views and enchanting beauty of the country that will surely make your entire trip memorable.

Interesting Facts About Golf In Ireland You Might Not Have Known

If you need a break from your hectic work life, then a golf break in the golfer’s paradise is an assurance of a memorable trip.There is no wonder that the beautiful country is equipped with some of the most beautiful and world’s most incredible golf courses. All these links will offer the purest and authentic golfing experience. The beautiful island is a real heaven on earth, with top-notch golf courses in some impressive places. The charismatic landscapes will also adorn with many high-standard hotels and resorts to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.

The golfer’s paradise embraces some unknown and interesting facts to amaze you. Here are the glances of the facts.

Challenging climate: The wind blows in the multiple directions and you don’t even have any idea where some holes are. In the Royal County Down Golf Club, there are several blind spots available with lots of beauty. So don’t forget to keep extra balls with you to enjoy the game naturally at its best.

Guessing good: As most of the golf links thrive on the blind holes, where even if you are lucky to have your golf ball in the slight fairways, you cannot spot the green space. The golf courses of Ireland have numerous doglegs, but many small hills and lush dunes around the land can hamper the view.

Fescue grass: The fescue grass is a grass that sighting in the golf links all through the Ireland. This grass variety is ideal for golf courses because it helps to stop soil erosion. It is the only factor that makes the fescue grass a perfect choice of the Irish golf courses.

Old is gold: Ireland also contains some oldest gold clubs like Royal Curragh. It was opened in 1852. It was the first club that built in the Europe and outside of Britain. Although the club is the oldest, the club has its own social media accounts.

Hidden gems to view: Can you count, how many golf courses offer the views of the lighthouse on one of the golf holes? It is very hard to count. But, at the Old Head Golf Links, you can find the one. The beautiful golf course features a picturesque view of the Atlantic ocean from each hole. You can enjoy the perfect views with some rounds of golf.

Connect with a caddy: A caddy is a terrific help with the golf course club selection and layout, but their sense of humor, fixed with a pleasurable accent will simply include to the experience. You can connect with the local caddies for the better assistance.

If you want to feel the best golfing experience, then it is suggested to plan a golftrip to the paradise of the golfers, Ireland. Here you can effortlessly enjoy the first-class golfing and the best golf challenges. So, don’t waste your time, pack your bags and get ready to feel the greatest pleasure of ‘golf-land’.

Tips For Golfing In Ireland

With versatile artistic treasures and beautiful landscapes to travel around, there is no wonder that Ireland is constantly named as one of the most visited places in the entire world. A beautiful place with eye-pleasing green yards, Ireland is a paradise for golf lovers. This is the game which is extremely popular not just among the locals, but among the travelers as well. Golf admirers travel to this gorgeous place to enjoy the golf in the beautiful golf courses situated in the lap of nature.

Tips to enjoy true golfing:

If you are also traveling to Ireland, then include golf in your must-to-do list. Throughout the year, golfing in this stunning destination is absolutely feasible. You can get the greatest atmosphere year-round, but the best is from April to October. Between this phase, you can enjoy the Golf up to 7 pm. You can also book your weekend golf rounds in advance as well. Below find some important tips for enjoying Golfing in this beautiful place.

Golf Tools: If you are searching for the best golf courses, you will get them in Ireland. All of them are extremely challenging, if you grasp them properly. For playing golf, having the best equipment is very important. In order to enjoy the game with all your hearts, it is very important to have the best tools. If you don’t have your own, you can rent them from the golf clubs so that you can enjoy the game without any hurdle.

Dress Code: After equipment, a proper dress code is significant in Golf. As the climate changes various times during the play in Ireland, you need warm and waterproof clothing. Wearing layers can help you to enjoy the game with ease. With this, you can easily add and remove according to the climate conditions. The dress codes of the club houses are quite relaxed. One more thing, don’t for a jiffy imagine you won’t require waterproofs in the Summer – you will! So, start preparing your dress code today!

Cost: Just plan your budget in advance. Ireland is a dreamland for golf lovers. Hence, there are countless options available ranging from affordable to luxurious golf clubs. Usually, round in the prestigious golf courses may cost you around €90. During peak season, the cost can fly up to €200 and more. Luxury links are quite expensive, but if you are in the search of affordable options, then you need to search for the less popular and local golf courses.

Ireland is home to countless golf clubs and courses. More than 40% of all beautiful golf links in the world are placed only in Ireland. All these golf courses have very high standard. Many golfers from the corners of the globe just come here specially to enjoy the actual links golfing.

If you are also a true golf lover, then plan a prestigious golf-devoted trip to Ireland and take a pleasure from the true golf links and open green yards.