7 Interesting Facts About Golf In Ireland

Ireland is admired for the beautiful and open green golf yards. With more than 400 beautiful golf links in the Ireland, the place has around 30% golf courses of the world’s golf links. From scenic parkland to rocky coastal links, there is a golf course that suits every level of the skills from novice to a professional player. As far as the budget is concerned, a huge variety is available here. The eyes of the golfers from all around the world, focus on this gorgeous place. With such versatility, Ireland is known as the golfer’s paradise.

The fabulous golf destination has so many interesting facts that you must know about. Here are some highlights of the facts.

  1. The beautiful destination holds more than 400 golf links to the pretty land of Ireland. The number also includes more than 30% of the seaside golf links in the world. All these links offer an incredible golfing experience, mainly to those unknown with actual or natural golf links. Natural golf links are lumpy and rough with solid patches of gorse and fescue.
  1. In 2004, International Association of Golf Tour Operators or IAGTO named Ireland as the International Golf Destination of the year.
  1. The beautiful Ireland also has the record of the maximum attendance during the golf European tour. In 2012, Royal Portrush Golf Club had recorded 112,000 within 4 days during the Irish Open.
  1. Bill Murray, a famous American actor shared his experience of playing golf in the beautiful Ireland and described by saying following words, ‘Ireland is my first choice to play golf. It is a gorgeous place to enjoy golf in. When you visit as a traveler or guest in Ireland to play golf, you will be treated like a king’.
  1. Golfing Union of the Ireland is considered as the oldest union of golfing in all around the world. The union was founded in 1891.
  1. Usually, each course is beautifully designed, but the ‘Tralee Golf Club’ was listed in the ‘Top 10 Ocean Courses’. Every hole of this club is just flawless and scenic. One more thing, every hole has an interesting story behind. The entire club was designed by the well-known golf player Arnold Palmer.
  1. During the trip, you will not just enjoy the most popular game golf here, but also feel the pleasure of their warm welcome rituals and soothing music session in the rural pubs. An amazing range of traditional pubs is available in the neighboring villages to turn your golfing experience the ultimate fun.

Ireland is continuously named as the top golfing destination in the world. Whether you are planning your simple trip or have plans to explore the picturesque golf links, you will feel extremely satisfied after the trip. The majestic charm of the country with capture your heart. You will feel fascinated by the eye-pleasing views and enchanting beauty of the country that will surely make your entire trip memorable.